December 29, 2020

Nursing Care Homes

Life connects us to loved ones. Innova Medical Group’s testing solutions will support nursing care homes and keep your elderly residents and staff safe during the pandemic.

Nursing HomeProblem:

How do you balance a good quality of life with stringent health protocols for the most vulnerable population during the COVID-19 pandemic?


The elderly are most susceptible to the virus, making it crucial for nursing care homes to maintain the highest level of restriction even when a community begins to relax conditions imposed on other businesses.

Scaling up testing and prioritizing vaccines for people over 65 could reduce infection rates among this vulnerable population. One out of five people, who contract COVID-19, do not know they have it as they are asymptomatic. The inability to provide rapid-result testing of everyone entering the facility creates a dangerous situation.

Innova’s rapid antigen qualitative test significantly increases the rate at which patients, residents, and staff can be screened and serves as a key part of a solution for pinpointing and halting potential outbreaks among this vulnerable population.

Innova’s end-to-end solution will enable nursing home management to develop a testing protocol and deploy testing services onsite, if needed. Our smartphone application will allow residents, staff and visitors who enter the facility, to report their COVID-19 test status in a contactless way and prevent infectious individuals from entering. By tracking the status of everyone entering the facility through the app, nursing care home management provides a safe environment for our loved ones.