December 24, 2020


Life must stay productive. Innova Medical Group’s COVID-19 testing ecosystem can help keep essential manufacturing employees COVID-19 free and production lines running.

Factory InspectionProblem:

How do you protect your workforce while ramping up production capacity to optimal levels in order to gain market share?


Frequent and affordable COVID-19 rapid antigen testing can keep essential workers safe in workplaces and production lines running. 30 percent of individuals who contract COVID are asymptomatic. Therefore, temperature checks and barriers between workstations are not sufficient on assembly lines where everyone touches the same product. Business leaders cite cost and the complexity of testing large workforces as their biggest obstacles.  

A broad-based testing initiative and tailored protocols that support unique workplace requirements, such as onsite testing, will improve productivity and reduce stress on employees who cannot work from home. Partnering with Ashfield, Innova can develop COVID-19 protocols for training and compliance with testing requirements. Ashfield’s team of healthcare professionals can assist in forming workplace health and safety committees.

With the continuous, 24/7 AI-enabled support and chatbot, employers can clear up confusion about how tests work, answer questions about the test kit and COVID-19. Those tasked with administering the rapid antigen tests can learn how to read the results and what to do if someone tests positive on a shift.  The Innova QMC HealthID™ app will record the test results digitally on a smartphone and workers can safely show employers their COVID-19 status.