December 24, 2020


Life must be regulated to defeat COVID-19. Innova Medical Group’s commitment to sound science and tested medical practices provides solutions.

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How do governments face the unknown, constantly changing COVID-19 pandemic and protect their communities?


To reopen society after a global pandemic, government and public health officials must map out a plan that involves funding, coordination and a robust supply chain of test kits and vaccines that can save lives. Currently, many countries are unable to provide enough testing capacity to meet demand, resulting in a patchwork model of testing that is disorganized and gratuitously consumes time and resources. Many of the countries that do are overwhelmed because they lack the digital tools to securely transmit testing results into central reporting databases.

Without a uniform testing protocol in place, health officials will not know where the coronavirus lurks or be able to isolate the infected and trace their contacts. It’s crucial to have tools, such as Innova’s rapid antigen and antibody tests and accompanying tracking applications, available at convenient point-of-care settings, in order to identify infectious individuals. Communities can use COVID-19 testing result numbers to calculate the percentage of people who test positive, a key metric on future outbreak spread. Under Innova’s end-to-end COVID-19 testing solutions, real-time data is evaluated against various strategies to build a collaborative approach. Testing, Implementation, Monitoring and Engagement, Innova’s “four pillars of success” can become the road map to reopening the economies of the world.

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