January 1, 2021

End-To-End Solutions

COVID-19 End-To-End Testing Solutions

INNOVA Medical Group

Helping businesses get employees back to work and return to normal life.

The Four Pillars of Success Solution: TIME – Testing, Implementation, Monitoring, and Engagement.


Innova takes a holistic view in how to manage and create success in the battle against COVID-19. The Four Pillars provide strength and balance during difficult times. Each pillar supports the structure of the COVID-19 crisis management puzzle; Innova lets data guide our actions to build a unified health response. Governments and corporations face unique challenges in reopening their economies while minimizing COVID-19 transmission spread. By listening to our client’s needs and staying current with the scientific community before acting, Innova can put the right protocols in place, manage testing situations, and improve outcomes. The structure of the Four Pillars is solid, yet Innova can adapt. Innova’s interconnected approach to testing, implementation, monitoring, and engagement creates a total solution for our customers.

Innova Medical Group is backed by science and driven by data.

Innova is one of the world’s largest suppliers of COVID-19 rapid tests, producing eight million tests a day. Our tests are 98.98 percent accurate and cost effective. One out of five people, who contract COVID-19, do not know they have the virus as they are asymptomatic. Without a testing strategy, this invisible virus will continue widespread transmission and the pandemic will remain out of control. Innova equips customers with the resources to rapidly test large numbers of people every two or three days. As part of the United Kingdom’s Operation Moonshot, Innova successfully tested millions. In the two-week Liverpool pilot study, hundreds of thousands of citizens were tested multiple times. The COVID-19 infectious rate, R value dropped below 1 and brought virus spread under control.

Innova’s machine-free, point-of-care testing, which includes the Innova Rapid Antigen test and the Innova rapid antibody test, will screen out the infectious so the world can return to work.

Coordinating protocol and testing to meet a wide range of needs.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We partner with the global leader, Ashfield Healthcare, to design testing protocol to meet the unique needs, even onsite, to keep your business operating at an optimal level.

In designing an end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution, we always think differently for each client to ensure the safety of both their workers and customers. Once a protocol or testing process has been designed, Ashfield Healthcare offers a comprehensive program, flexible enough to meet local guidelines and needs. Highly skilled Clinical Educator teams can train your own staff through in-person education or via virtual tools to ensure social distancing protocols. Where needed, Ashfield has a team of trusted professionals and medical staff who can implement a testing process for improved health outcomes. As a forward reaching, technology-enabled business, Ashfield has created virtual training tools to ensure safe social distancing protocols.

Managing the COVID-19 status of your employee and customer base.

Widespread testing needs to be followed by an easy-to-use, secure tracing protocol. Emerging technologies in blockchain encryption will let individuals securely present their COVID-19 status, directly from a smartphone app. Digital health credentials, such as the QMC HealthID™, will be key to safe entry into a workplace to support employee testing and integrates with other COVID-19 initiatives. Different profiles can be set up for work, school, or travel. Besides showing a real-time, color-coded readout of an authenticated testing status, the app allows users to store relevant health information and, eventually, vaccine status. In compliance with HIPAA and HL7 regulations, no personal health information is stored.

Innova joined with Quantum Materials Corp., a leading nanomaterial and quantum dot manufacturer, to build an end-to-end management platform and mobile app to authenticate testing and document personal health status. The core, cloud-based application, uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow external organizations to link to testing results. A positive test notifies public health officials of the need to contact trace and gives researchers a more accurate picture of current hotspots. All monitoring data meets Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR as well as California Consumer Privacy ACT (CCPA) requirements. Information sharing pushes our healthcare system to be more integrated. The QMC HealthID™ also generates a QR Code which can be scanned for safe entry at universities, restaurants, and sporting and entertainment venues. Quantum Materials Corp., with decades of experience in anti-counterfeiting measures with quantum dot technology, is key to building the infrastructure required for secure collection, storage and sharing of personal health data.

Answering your COVID-19 questions, 24×7.

Effective communication plays an important role in managing businesses through COVID. INNOVA provides continuous communication to enable users of our COVID-19 testing protocol to get answers to critical questions, on demand. An AI-enabled conversational platform or chatbot offers a step-by-step approach on how to administer and correctly use the INNOVA rapid test. Questions can range from “How many drops do I put on the test cassette?”  to “What if I test positive for COVID-19?” The chat bot can help interpret results as it is equipped with knowledge about the INNOVA test and COVID-19 disease. With this smart tool, we will answer users’ COVID and testing related questions 24X7.

Innova’s commitment to a complete, end-to-end solution can navigate the challenges ahead in the fight against COVID-19. Many companies have stepped up and developed one aspect of the COVID-19 management solution, either focusing on manufacturing test kits, vaccine development or tracing and tracking technology. The Four Pillars of Success solution, provided by Innova and its partners, can control the contagion with a commonsense approach based on Testing, Implementation, Monitoring, and Engagement. Customers do not need to be experts in designing testing protocols or understand IT healthcare integration. With a team of seasoned scientists and technology experts, Innova Medical Group is uniquely positioned to support measures to build surveillance systems of disease, dramatically reduce infections and let people manage their own health outcomes.



Getting back to sports and entertainment, confidently. Combined with a digital “health passport" app, the Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test's point-of-care testing can help safely reopen stadiums and sports venues. This enables Entertainment and Events to safely resume public operations.

Vehicle Tax Reminder Letter


To reopen society after a global pandemic, government and public health officials must stay resilient and provide a road map. Leadership, funding, coordination and a robust supply chain of test kits and vaccines can save lives.

Factory Inspection


A broad-based testing initiative and tailored protocols that support unique workplace requirements, such as onsite testing, will improve productivity and reduce the stress for workers who cannot work from home.

Nursing Home


Innova's Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test significantly increases the rate at which patients and residents can be screened. Innova's a diagnostic test serves as a key part of a solution for pinpointing and halting potential outbreaks.

Students wearing medical masks and talking


Across the globe, schools and universities are faced with the risks of asymptomatic spreading of the COVID-19 virus. The Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test can detect viral proteins and produce results in as little as 15 minutes. Ongoing screening and testing using Innova’s Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test enables schools and colleges to implement testing strategies to bring students back into the classroom.

Young man listening music in tram. Travel by public transportation.


Transportation remains one of the most vital services both for economic activity and freedom of movement. Countries have shut down borders and limited travel to mitigate the devastating effects of COVID-19 transmission through travel. Innova Medical Group is working with major transportation companies to create the security required to reopen travel by train, plane, cruise ships, truck, or public transportation.