French Test Facility Opening

Innova Medical Group Announces Manufacturing in France Through Partnership with Axyntis

October 29, 2021 – Innova Medical Group, a global health innovator and the world’s largest provider of rapid antigen tests announced the launch of a production facility for rapid antigen tests in Pithiviers, France through a partnership with the Axyntis group, an independent and innovative leader in active pharmaceutical ingredients with a strong position in the French health sector.

This initiative is supported by DEV’UP, the economic development agency of the Centre-Val de Loire region, and the Loire & Orléans Eco agency in their search for industrial partners, premises and HR resources to develop the local economy and help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The rapid antigen test has become a strategic tool for iterative and collective screening in addition to vaccination where it is available,” explains Innova’s Xavier Guérin, President, Europe.“Our production activity in Pithiviers will give France an increased capacity to react in the event of an epidemic resurgence or even the appearance of new epidemics.”

Innova has been the UK Government’s main partner in the roll-out of its mass testing and screening program that has been available to the UK general population since fall 2020. With a production capacity of millions of units per day, Innova enabled the British authorities to secure a large supply which was critical to the success of the mass testing program. With the UK experience, in addition to public and private partnerships globally, Innova is positioned as one of the world’s leaders in Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Tests (TROD) and self-tests.

Through this partnership, Axyntis will produce COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, also known as lateral flow tests for Innova. The production facility is designed to have the capability to produce other tests for the detection of other viral infections or chronic diseases.

With a first line set up by the end of the year, and continuous increases in production on the premises of Axyntis, the Innova – Axyntis partnership expects production output to be more than one million tests a day in early 2022.

“We appreciate the unwavering support from regional authorities for our partnership with Axyntis, “added Xavier. “Innova Medical Group is excited to contribute to the strength of the French healthcare sector.”