Helping the world prepare for the next global health crisis with the Pandemic Institute

The time is now to improve how we study, plan for, and respond to global health crises. That’s where the Pandemic Institute comes in. Learn more about the Institute, the organization’s goals, and why Innova is making such a strong investment in this vital organization.


I had never thought I’d live through a pandemic, let alone lead the team that has delivered billions of COVID test kits to the world. 


As a leading provider of testing solutions to our customers globally, we have learned so much in the last year and half. One of the key learnings is that the world was not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic and our responses were fragmented by country, region, states, and, sometimes, even county and city. Over a year into the pandemic, we are still looking for a clear plan for moving forward while the experts have predicted that the next pandemic is in 5 years. 


That’s why we are gifting £10M ($14M) start-up capital to launch the global Pandemic Institute.


Based in Liverpool, the Pandemic Institute has a mission of helping rapidly deliver real-world outcomes and ensure we’re better prepared for the next global public health threat. It will offer world-leading clinical, research, and policy regarding widespread outbreaks of infectious diseases. 


Together with private and government sectors, the Pandemic Institute will translate research results into policy and tangible actions, providing a unique, holistic approach and comprehensive end-to-end capabilities across the pandemic lifecycle, so we can better prevent the next pandemic and better respond when it happens.   


The Pandemic Institute will enable and inform pandemic prediction, prevention, preparation, response, and recovery through its three core aims to: 


  • Accelerate global response


Save time and save lives with timely insights that accelerate the global response to pandemic events


  • Unify global intelligence


Provide a unique global view by bringing together and unifying global intelligence in relation to pandemics


  • Increase global societal impact


Remove barriers to innovation and improve recovery response to increasing the impact of pandemic research on our global society


Team Liverpool are the pioneers  


We have been impressed time and time again by Liverpool for the in-depth research and insights on the pandemic response they’ve done in the past 12 months. From piloting Operation Moonshot and orchestrating live events to generating the biggest community test report with more than 1 million participants, Liverpool demonstrated to the world its pioneer attitude and deep expertise and knowledge in pandemic research. They are uniquely prepared to shape public health policies. 


One of the things that stood out for us was the fact that the city, the academic institutions, and the people of Liverpool worked so well together. The pilot programs could not have achieved success if one of these parties had been missing in action. The synergy and collaborative spirit this group, who I call team Liverpool, has is something that’s hard to copy and a key factor in translating research to public policy, which is critical in managing a pandemic. 


When we heard team Liverpool’s plan to establish a Pandemic Institute, we gladly chipped in. We have full confidence in team Liverpool’s ability to lead the efforts to build a global pandemic institute and we believe the private sector, government, and academic sectors can do meaningful work when they work together. 


This is an exciting initiative for us. It’s an opportunity to support the global community with a unified, end-to-end operation. And we look forward to working collaboratively with existing and future partners in pursuit of a common goal. We’re committed to doing our part, working together, and helping lead the way to pursue our common goal: preparing the world for the next pandemic. 


There is work to be done. And we are honored to be part of it.