March 7, 2020

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Innova Medical Group
Innova Medical Group leads in the manufacture and distribution of rapid antigen and antibody test kits for COVID-19 disease detection.​

Innova takes a holistic view on how to manage and create success in the battle against COVID-19. Innova’s rapid antigen tests and associated solutions enable the development of effective health risk management strategies, to meet a variety of circumstances and enable a safe return to many types of pre-pandemic activity. Our end-to-end solution offering was developed to help countries return, not only to optimum functioning of the economy, but also to a full and complete daily life.

Following the example of our partnership with the British Government, Innova Medical Group has developed mass screening solutions to help governments, communities, and companies manage through an ongoing pandemic.

Our mass screening solutions are supported by four pillars:

Testing, Implementation, Monitoring, and Engagement (TIME)

A reliable and equitable test for everyone.



Up to 50% of the infected individuals do not know they have the virus as they are asymptomatic and breakthrough infections on vaccinated individuals are not uncommon. Without a testing strategy, this invisible virus will continue widespread transmission and the pandemic will remain out of control. 


Innova offers our global customers fast, highly accurate, easy-to-use and more importantly, equitable tests to deploy. The Innova rapid antigen test is the most studied COVID test in the UK. Independent studies with over 1.7 million tests have demonstrated that the Innova rapid antigen test detects 99.8% of infected individuals who are considered infectious to others. 


Being one of the largest suppliers of COVID-19 tests in the world, Innova is capable of manufacturing 15 million tests a day, providing customers with the resources to rapidly test large numbers of people every two or three days. As part of the United Kingdom’s Operation Moonshot, Innova successfully tested millions.


Innova’s machine-free, point-of-care testing, which includes the Innova rapid antigen test and the Innova rapid antibody test, will screen out those that are considered infectious to others so the world can return to work.

Coordinating protocol and testing to meet a wide range of needs.


We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Innova works with our client to design testing protocols to meet their unique needs, even onsite, to keep your business operating at an optimal level.


In designing an end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution, we always think about needs specific to each client to ensure the safety of both their workers and customers. Through a partnership, Innova provides expert medical partners to help clients set up testing and support protocols adapted to their specific activities, locations, and employees. Once a protocol or testing process has been designed, highly skilled Clinical Educator teams can train your staff through in-person education or via virtual tools to ensure social distancing protocols. Where needed, a team of trusted professionals and medical staff who can implement a testing process will be provided for improved health outcomes.

Managing the COVID-19 status of your employee and customer base.
Innova_4pillars_InfoG_Monitoring_NoBKGD Digital health credentials will be key to safe entry into workplaces to support employee testing and integrate with other COVID-19 initiatives. Widespread testing needs to be supported by an easy-to-use, secure tracing protocol. Our smartphone application together with the QR code helps ensure that the test is authentic, has not expired, and is the same kit throughout the testing process. The digital app also includes step-by-step video guidance to help users successfully administer their tests. Based on different reporting needs, the app allows users to share their test results with their health authorities or integrate with reporting portals provided by health authorities. In compliance with privacy laws and HL7 regulations, no personal health information is stored.

Answering your COVID-19 questions, 24×7.


Effective communication plays an important role in managing businesses through COVID. Innova provides continuous communication to enable users of our COVID-19 testing protocol to get answers to critical questions, on demand. An AI-enabled conversational platform or chatbot offers a step-by-step approach on how to administer and correctly use the Innova rapid test. Questions can range from “How many drops do I put on the test cassette?” to “What if I test positive for COVID-19?” The chatbot can help interpret results as it is equipped with knowledge about the INNOVA test and COVID-19 disease. With this smart tool, we will answer users’ COVID and testing related questions 24x7.

Innova Medical Group's SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test can slow the spread of COVID-19 by identifying “infectious,” asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people.


No machine or medical personnel required for point-of-care settings.

Cost Effective

Innova's low cost testing solutions provide peace of mind to safely restore optimal business operations.


Screens for infection in as little as 20 minutes.


Innova's rapid antigen tests are highly accurate. See the studies and reports about our tests.


With global manufacturing and distribution channels in place, testing kits can be scaled up quickly to meet customer demands.

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